It Is Well With My Soul – Trust God

It Is Well With My Soul – Trust God

Here’s an uplifting saying that’s worth pondering. A person who states this is telling the world that their soul is doing well, regardless of any other hardships they may face. That puts them on solid footing instead of feeling powerless in the face of adversity.

Everyone ends up facing challenges. It can range from physical to spiritual to financial. Sometimes, a person will face trouble in all domains at once!

Composer Philip Bliss and hymn expert Horatio Spafford wrote these words in a song in 1873. They live on to this day because they speak of a more profound truth.

A Hymn Born Of Tragedy

Two years after being financially ruined due to the Chicago Great Fire of 1871, an even worse tragedy struck Spafford. On November 22, 1873, an iron sailing vessel struck the steamship Ville du Havre while crossing the Atlantic. The collision killed 226 people on board. 

The deaths included all four daughters of his Annie, Maggie, Bessie, and an 18-month-old baby. The terrible event gave the hymn writer deep insight into loss and God’s role in healing.

When you live with this mindset, it creates a sense of calm and assurance. No matter what happens, you’ll know that things will eventually work out for the best. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be tough times – there will be. But as long as your soul is doing well, you can weather any storm.

It Is Well With My Soul

Think about how you can apply this message to your own life. Are there specific areas where you could use some improvement? If so, work on making changes to be well with your soul. Then, no matter what transpires in life, you’ll always have inner peace to fall back on.

What is the Hymn’s Meaning?

This powerful message can help you get through anything life throws your way. So take some time to reflect on it, and see how you can apply it to your life.

The Crucial Nature of Trusting God in Difficult Times

Ultimately, the Hymn seems to say that trust God when troubling times arrive. Since you’ll have problems understanding why you’re facing setbacks, assume it’s for reasons you may not fathom, but there’s an ultimate purpose to your travails.

You can’t escape adverse events, even tragic ones. However, relying on a power greater than yourself is one way to mend. Powerful inspirational Christian sayings remind us to stay strong.

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